Our services

Our offering has been developed in a module structure, allowing us to partner our client at any point through the project life cycle. Specifically for architects and contractors, we are particularly effective supporting the bid stage and have an enviable record of success in our element of the bid.

Our contribution

  1. Our contribution wont lose the bid. Space Zero always score high marks, you will not lose a bid on our discipline.
  2. Differentiate you from your competition. Through our use of emerging technology and engagement techniques.
  3. Make your life easy. We offer an end-to-end service, from bid to practical completion.
  4. We manage and save you costs. Our fees self liquidate and we provide a 100% guaranteed maximum price at bid.

Our Mantra

  1. Brilliant people. Space Zero employs brilliant, creative, vibrant and agile experts.
  2. Intelligent Design. Understanding the brief and out client vision means we always deliver.
  3. Innovative Workflow. We challenge, re design and re develop our processes to continually improve.
  4. Emerging technology. We continually strive to employ the latest technology and techniques.

Interior design

Interior space planning


Engagement with staff & key stakeholders

FF&E cost management

Sample furniture & rooms

Design Development

Visually accurate BIM modelling

Co-ordinate legacy

Clash detection

BIM visualisation

Bespoke product design

Workshops with ICT & M&E

Create ‘C’ section plans


FF&E market consultancy

Vendor assessment

Direct purchase management

Tendering systems

Produce tender reports

Delivery & Installation

4D & 5D scheduling & presentation

Project management & planning

Installation services

Quality assurance

Supplier management

Defects management

Facilities Management

Comprehensive as-built BIM

Specification capture

CAFM data input

Soft landings input

BIM-FM deliverables consultancy

Field BIM-FM

Asset tagging

Life cycle spend profiling